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Patiente assiciations

Here is a selection of patient associations that deal with medical cannabis. If you miss an association here, feel free to let us know.

“The Bund Deutscher Cannabis-Patienten e.V.” sees itself as a lobby for people who can benefit from a therapy with cannabinoids. The idea for the Bund Deutscher Cannabis-Patienten e.V. was born in a small group of patients who supported each other with questions and problems. Over time, we got to know other patients, pharmacists, doctors; through self-help groups or via social networks also people from all over Germany. To simplify communication, online platforms were created to organize the work on site so that the wheel didn’t have to be invented twice and everyone could benefit from the work already done by the others in advance.”

“The Independent Patient Counseling Service is a non-profit institution and acts in accordance with the legal mandate (Section 65b of the Fifth Book of the German Social Code). This is to inform and advise consumers and patients in health and health law issues in a quality-assured and free of charge. The aim is to strengthen patient orientation in the health care system and to highlight problem situations in the health care system.”

“The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als Medizin e.V.. (ACM) was founded on April 12, 1997 in Cologne and registered as a non-profit association. Doctors, pharmacists, patients, lawyers and other interested parties from Germany and Switzerland have organized themselves in it.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als Medizin e.V. (ACM) is the regional branch of the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine (IACM) for the German-speaking countries. The ACM newsletter for members is published 4 times a year, the 12-page ACM magazine is published once a year and contains all important information on the medical use of cannabis and dronabinol, including areas of application, practical tips for use, side effects, legal situation and prescription options.”

“We consider ourselves to represent the interests of hemp friends, legalization advocates and the legal hemp industry in Germany. Our final goal is the legalization of hemp products as stimulants under consumer-friendly conditions. This includes not only private possession and cultivation, but also commercial production and distribution. However, we are already fighting against all forms of everyday discrimination against hemp consumers, e.g. in criminal law, in driving license law, at the workplace, in the legal use of cannabis as medicine or at the youth welfare office, and will also advocate small, positive steps.

The possibilities for using cannabis as medicine are currently very difficult in Germany. Here we demand a change as quickly as possible in favor of the affected patients, and at this point we also see strong support from the German population.”

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