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Access to Worldwide Cannabis Diversity​

Cannaflos Genetics provides breeding solutions from EU CPVO-registered strains and traceable traditional and wild accessions of Cannabis sativa L. Our catalog of registered varieties already offers a wide range of chemovars. Furthermore, we develop customised strains to your particular professional needs.

For the last 25 years we have collected wild and traditional Cannabis sativa L. accessions all over the world to preserve them from introgressive hybridization. Building on authorized and tracebale cross-breeding since 2016, we can offer one of the most diverse germplasm collection with more than 100 accessions from 25 countries

Map of Origins


Compliance Relies on Traceability

Registration and biodiversity compliance are key for IP protection and will secure your investment into cultivar licensing and product development.

With the licensing of our EU CPVO-registered genetics IP protection and enforceability are secured.

Our genetics are traceable back to the origin of the breeding base cultivars. We are establishing benefit and access sharing agreements with the relevant suppliers, local communities and supplier countries to ensure that they get a fair profit share in accordance with the Nagoya Protocol on biodiversity protection and compliance.

The Right Phytochemical & Agronomic Traits for Your Product Development and Approval

Every genotype has a unique metabolic fingerprint based on its cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds which leads to specific commercial applications. Out of thousands of different phenotypes (up to 27,000 plants annually over the last 3 years) we are choosing the fittest for the development of desirable traits and resistances against pathogens.

This allows us to develop customised genetics according to your professional needs. See our development process


Research as a Key Success Factor

Since 2021, we characterise and evaluate the phytochemical composition during our in vivo as well as in vitro breeding process in collaboration with University of Valencia (Institute for Integrative Systems Biology).

For genomic sequencing and morphometric studies we partnered in 2017 with the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB).

We are constantly expanding our scientific and academic network and provide the genetics of Cannaflos free of charge to international medical research institutions to support scientific progress.


Available Cannabis Genetics

Get access to the Genetic Catalog with all currently available genetics and their profiles.

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Our Process for Successful Genetic Development

Collection of Traditional Wild Accessions since 1999

Cannaflos cultivars exclusively stem from a geographically wide range of origins and were developed in the scope of a research project, aiming to assess and conserve the genetic diversity of the species.

Traceable Import to the EU

Our developments are based on authorised cross-breeding since 2016 and origin from registered, traceable imports of more than 100 accessions.

Parental Characterisation at IBB & UV

In collaboration with the Institute for Integrative Systems Biology (University of Valencia) and the Botanical Institute of Barcelona we carry out genomic sequencing analysis, morphometric studies and biotechnology techniques to characterise the huge genetic diversity of our wide range of varieties.

Customized Strain Development

According to market needs and customer requirements we develop new cultivars from our plant breeding program by hybridization and repeated backcrossing.

We take advantage of the wide genetic pool of our wild accessions and high potential hybrids to breed new desirable cultivars with unique metabolic fingerprint to meet the desired customers needs.

Breeding process for your success
phytochemical analysis during every step

EU CPVO Registration

Since 2016, we are successfully registering cultivars of different chemovars with the European Community Plant Variety Office (EU CPVO).

Variety Licensing

We provide licensing models according to your particular needs: non-exclusive, regionally exclusive or worldwide exclusive.

Our CPVO strains are provided in in vitro conditions that ensures axenic plant material free of pathogens including a CoA and/or phytosanitary passport. We can provide different plant material such as seeds (regular or feminised) or cuttings from ex vitro / in vitro conditions with phytosanitary passport.

Genetics Customised to Your Needs

You need a cultivar with particular phytochemical and agricultural properties? We love to get to know you and your professional requirements. Leave your contact details below and we come back to you for an appointment.

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Voices of our clients

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Our Team

We are an international team of passionate researchers and professionals dedicated to grant access to the benefits of Cannabis.

Jonathan Haehn Gründer und Business Developer

Jonathan Haehn

Founder & Managing Director

Jonathan Haehn

I am the co- Managing Director, Statutory Director and responsible for Business Development. Achieving the regulatory and qualitative requirements for cultivation and the subsequent processing steps for the production of cannabis medicinal products is one of my tasks. For innovative process and product developments, I am your contact as a graduated engineer.
Maximilian Schmitt Gründer und Finance Verantwortlicher

Maximilian Schmitt

Founder & Managing Director

Maximilian Schmitt

I am co- Managing Director, Statutory Director and in-house lawyer and responsible for financial affairs. At Cannaflos I am in charge of quality management and will also be your contact for strategic cooperations, investments and / or associations.

Dr. Wolfgang Stock

Qualified Person

Dr. Wolfgang Stock

As a pharmacist, I have been involved in the development, production and quality management of pharmaceuticals with a focus on phytopharmaceuticals for more than 30 years. During this time, I have been responsible for all relevant processes from laboratory management to company management in internationally active companies. I have the expertise as a qualified person according to § 14 AMG and support Cannaflos in product development.
Dr. Carlos Ribelles Alfonso Head of Genetics & Cultivation - Cannaflos

Dr. Carlos Ribelles Alfonso

Head of Genetics & Cultivation

Dr. Carlos Ribelles Alfonso

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Dr. Yesid Andres Ramirez

Research & Development

Dr. Yesid Andres Ramirez

I am responsible for the scientific operations at Cannaflos. As a medicinal chemist, my research focuses on studying, designing and optimizing chemical proves that trigger biological responses at the endocannabinoid receptors. I also study the metabolic diversity of cannabis chemovars and how we can harness the genetic plasticity of the plant for novel medical applications. I am part of the drug development pipeline at Cannaflos which aims to deliver safe, effective, standardized and affordable cannabinoid-based medicines to patients.

Christian Jäger

Legal & Compliance

Christian Jäger

My role at Cannaflos is the in-house lawyer. As such, I am responsible for the areas of legal and compliance and provide advice to all the other departments of the company.
Javier Simón Project Manager at Cannaflos

Javier Simón

Project Manager

Javier Simón

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Vicente Moles

Legal & IP

Vicente Moles

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Jonathan Haehn Gründer und Business Developer
“Compliance is key to success for the Cannabis industry. We take this seriously as we passionately drive research into new genetics for reliable drug development and supporting diversity in cannabis.”
Jonathan Haehn CEO & Co-Founder, Cannaflos GmbH