We are actively committed to protecting the environment.

We consider the necessity of handing over our world to future generations as intact as possible to be just as important as our success in business and social life.

What we do:


We want to actively contribute to making the stages of the value chain that we cannot directly influence climate-neutral.

Also in 2021 we have calculated our Co2 footprint, taking into account the production, procurement and transport of our products, as well as the maintenance of our office and use of online services.

The compensation was done via Atmosfair. Atmosfair operates its projects according to the rules of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) anchored in the Kyoto Protocol and additionally according to the “Gold Standard” established by international environmental organizations.

2019 & 2020:

To determine the CO2 emissions generated by Cannaflos in 2019 (founding year) and 2020, we used the CO2 calculator from My-Climate. We took the following points into account:

Who we supported:

We divided the resulting sum by the number of employees. Everyone was allowed to choose a project to support the overall goal. In the end, we donated to regional and international NGOs. We attached great importance to their compliance with internationally recognised standards.