Personalizing (Cannabis) Treatments

The use of cannabinoid-based medicine is highly individualized, as the endocannabinoid system (ECS) typically varies from person to person. Cannabinoid therapy therefore requires regular adjustments in application frequency and dosage to avoid side effects and improve therapeutic outcomes.

At Cannaflos we are developing a point of care innovation that will enable individualised dosing based on patient reported outcomes.

Capturing patient reported outcome measures

To evaluate the therapeutic benefit of medicine, we need to take a holistic view across social, biological and psychological parameters, measuring both therapeutic outcomes and quality of life.

Through a combination of automated bio trackers and patient reporting in our app, a holistic, real time view of therapeutic parameters can be made.

Redefining doctor to patient communication

By integrating patient-based experience reports through user-friendly mobile applications, therapeutic parameters can be measured directly at the patient’s site, facilitating communication between clinician and patient. Continuous measurement of therapeutic outcomes and detailed temporal documentation facilitates evaluation and highlights therapeutic improvement opportunities.

Clinicians can use this information to tailor prescriptions semi-automatically to patients needs.

Enabling scaleable individual dosing

We are developing a series-ready 2D/3D printer for patient-centric therapies. This technology will enable pharmacists and hospitals to print individual dosages, adjusting to patient needs along the therapeutic track.

The system will include an integrated printer, automated packing and labelling, and quality control system.
We are currently exploring different administrative routes for which individual dosing would be suitable.


Control at high production speed

We are collaborating with Qmedis to test the viability of a NIR sensor for analysis of cannabinoid and terpene contents in solubles.

The sensor can enable Real-Time-Release Testing, providing control and safety over our automated production of individual dosis.

In collaboration with


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Genetic Preservation

Through our research cooperation with IBB and University Valencia, we optimise our genetics to be viroid resistant and genetically stable.


In search of premium quality mother plants, we conduct an ongoing phenohunt program through our network of authorised cultivation partners.

Non Interventional Studies

Get a deep understanding of the therapeutic application of Cannabis-based medication.

Tissue culture

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