Cannaflos Genetics, the Spanish subsidiary of Cannaflos, is active in the development of traceable cultivars of Cannabis sativa L.

The varieties offered by Cannaflos Genetics come from original landraces originating from different regions around the world, collected since 2009 through extensive research and development expeditions. Our cultivars are CPVO-registered and genetically traceable back to the landraces.

Our process

Across multiple successfull phenohunts, we have perfected our process for cultivation and selection of our mother plants.

We offer a one-stop-shop for Cannabis genetics

Extensive research capabilities teamed with traceable genetics

Genetic Licensing

Cultivate one of our 14 fully traceable premium Cannabis genetics. They have been carefully developed for their unique cannabinoid composition, cultivation procedures and morphology.

Custom Cultivar R&D

Benefit from our proven track record in cultivar development and registry to develop unique genetics, customised to your needs.

Plant Propagation

Leverage our expertise and international partner network to multiply our developed cultivars in form of cuttings and seeds.

In collaboration with


Learn more about our ongoing research projects

A Database of Cannabis Traditional Uses

An in-depth investigation in the traditional uses of the Cannabis plant and the diversity of landrace genetics

Genetic Preservation

Through our research cooperation with IBB and University Valencia, we optimise our genetics to be viroid resistant and genetically stable.

Non Interventional Studies

Get a deep understanding of the therapeutic application of Cannabis-based medication.

Personalizing Treatments

We aim to unlock precision medicine by capturing patient reported outcomes and driving point of care innovation.

Tissue Culture

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