Tissue Culture

At the forefront of innovation, we harness the power of tissue culture techniques to revolutionize the cultivation and study of cannabis plants for medicinal purposes. Our interdisciplinary team of experts combines expertise in biology, horticulture, and pharmacology to push the boundaries of knowledge and develop novel approaches for optimizing cannabis production and therapeutic applications. With a commitment to scientific rigor and excellence, we strive to unlock the full potential of medical cannabis through precise and sustainable tissue culture methodologies. Join us on our journey to transform the landscape of cannabis research and improve lives through groundbreaking discoveries.

Learn more about our ongoing research projects

WE CANN Traditional Use of Cannabis

An in-depth investigation in the traditional use of the Cannabis plant and the and the diversity of landraised genetics

Genetic Preservation

Through our research cooperation with IBB and University Valencia, we optimise our genetics to be viroid resistant and genetically stable.


In search of premium quality mother plants, we conduct an ongoing phenohunt program.

Non Interventional studies

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Personalizing Treatments

We aim to unlock precision medicine by capturing patient reported outcomes and driving point of care innovation.