A Database of Cannabis Traditional Uses

Our collaborators from the Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB; CSIC-CMCNB) are dedicated to exploring various aspects to provide a comprehensive understanding of Cannabis – including taxonomy, species origin, morphological, genetic, and chemical variability, as well as ethnobotany, i.e., its traditional names and uses.

The CANNUSE database was constructed by researchers from the IBB and the University of Barcelona (UB), within the project WECANN. The database provides an organized information source for scientists and the general public interested in different aspects of Cannabis uses.

In the current project collaboration with IBB researchers, “Characterization of Cannabis Variability Worldwide and Preservation of Genetic Material,” we are working to improve the coverage of the data, including uses from countries not previously included and uses published in languages other than English.

We hope this database will serve as a starting point for new research and development strategies based on traditional knowledge. This project was financed by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovations and University, and CIJA Preservations SL, within the project WECANN (CGL2017-84297-R).

Our Research and Development projects are aligned with our vision to holistically exploit the medicinal potential of the Cannabis plant – from the plant to patient care.

In collaboration with

This project was Initiated by Botanical Institute of Barcelona (IBB; CSIC-CMCNB), University of Barcelona and CIJA Preservation SL. In 2022 Cannaflos stepped in to research projects from Cija Preservation and continued their work in exploring the traditional use of the Cannabis plant in collaboration with the following partners:

institut botanic de Barcelona

Learn more about our ongoing research projects

Genetic Preservation

Through our research cooperation with IBB and University Valencia, we optimise our genetics to be viroid resistant and genetically stable.


In search of premium quality mother plants, we conduct an ongoing phenohunting program through our network of authorised cultivation partners.

Personalizing Treatments

We aim to unlock precision medicine by capturing patient reported outcomes and driving point of care innovation.

Non Interventional Studies

Get a deep understanding of the therapeutic application of Cannabis-based medication.

Tissue Culture

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