Our Research Projects

From Plant to Patient


We pursue our vision in
numerous research projects.

Our research and development projects are aligned with our vision to holistically exploit the medicinal potential of the cannabis plant – from the plant to patient care.

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A Database of Cannabis Traditional Uses

An in-depth investigation in the traditional uses of the Cannabis plant and the diversity of landrace genetics

Genetic Preservation

Through our research cooperation with IBB and University Valencia, we optimise our genetics to be viroid resistant and genetically stable.


In search of premium quality mother plants, we conduct an ongoing phenohunt program through our network of authorised cultivation partners.

Non Interventional Studies

Get a deep understanding of the therapeutic application of Cannabis-based medication.

Personalizing Treatments

We aim to unlock precision medicine by capturing patient reported outcomes and driving point of care innovation.

Tissue Culture

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The benefits of phytomedicine

When developing new drugs for certain indications relying on established active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), like active phytochemical components, in contrast to developing newly designed molecules (synthetic APIs) has considerable benefits. These especially manifest, when considering the development for a small number of patients.

We collaborate in academic research

We are eager to collaborate with academics researchers, who aim to deepen the knowledge on the Cannabis plant and their genetics. Are you a university researchers, who needs Cannabis genetics to conduct authorised research?

Jonathan Haehn

CEO & Co-Founder Cannaflos GmbH


Compliance is key to success for the Cannabis industry. We take this seriously as we passionately drive research into new genetics for reliable drug development and supporting diversity in cannabis.