Unlocking the Medical Potential of Cannabis


From Plant

Drive genetic diversity and tracebility to deliver therapy-specific cultivars


To Therapy

Curate a clinical research & development platform to accelerate the development of Cannabis-based finished drugs


To Market

Secure compliance & market access to distribute high quality cannabis medicines in EU


To Patient

Capture patient reported outcomes to enable personalised therapies.

We are Cannaflos, a European medical Cannabis company.
We are specialised in research and development of Cannabis genetics and sponsor finished drug development of Cannabis-based medicines. 

We serve the value chain of medical cannabis with expertise in cultivation, production, clinical research, compliance and regulatory affairs.

We serve your needs across the Cannabis value chain

Our end-to-end capabilities


We are research-driven

The Cannabis plant remains largely under-researched, locking in its medical potential and leaving room for stigma and legal barriers.

At Cannaflos, we believe good science means good business. Therefore, we pursue an evidence based approach across all our business endeavours. We are commited to unlock the medical potential of Cannabis by conducting research into the genetics of the plant and reveal its therapeutic potential in clinical trails.

To do so, our in-house scientists work hand in hand with top-tier academic and clinical researchers around the world to advance our knowledge for the benefit of the plant, the patient and the planet.

Shaping the future of medical Cannabis, together

Cannaflos works closely with international partners in cultivation, manufacturing, research and development, and regulatory affairs. We see a special potential in European cooperation. Through harmonised processes and quality standards Cannaflos and its partners can promote international research and development in the field of medical cannabis under fair business conditions.

Leveraging business as a force for good


For us, being economically successful includes living and working in a way that conserves natural resources. Therefore, we seek fair and sustainable solutions and are committed to revenue sharing according to the Nagoya protocol for biodiversity and preservation.


We live up to our responsibility to protect the diversity of the Cannabis plant. Together with our partners, we leverage science to explore the enormous potential of the cannabis plant, while respecting its origins, cultural relevance and ecosystems.


Promoting quality of life lies at the core of what we do. We are committed to leveraging medical Cannabis as a means to improve the quality of life of our patients, physicians and pharmacists. In the process, we ensure the well being and benefit of employees and partners.


We build a transparent, responsible and sustainable relation with our shareholders, cultivated through a mutual understanding and commitment to our triple bottom line approach. We aiming to maximize shareholder value while ensuring ethical decision-making.

Jonathan Haehn

CEO & Co-Founder Cannaflos GmbH


Compliance is key to success for the Cannabis industry. We take this seriously as we passionately drive research into new genetics for reliable drug development and supporting diversity in cannabis.